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PVC Pressure Pipes

Arabian PVC Pipes are available in any length provided that the order The pressure pipes are supplied in plain and socketed ends with or without provision of rubber rings.... Read More

UPVC Pipes

Arabian U PVC. They are designed to make connected economical, durable, leak proof, easy and quick...

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PVC Electrical Conduit Pipe

Arabian Polymer Pipes non-conductor of electricity, PVC NON-INFLAMMABLE pipe has become a leader in the field of electrical conduits Read More


Arabian Polymer Pipes was established in 2012 to produce quality conscious plastic products. Our main product is polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) plastic pipes under I.S.O., B.S., A.S.T.M., S.A.S.O, and other international standards in order to become the best alternative to metal pipes.

The uPVC alternative is cheaper, more efficient, easy to transport to site, easy to install, and resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Compared to polypropylene and polyethylene PVC pipes are less costly, last longer and better hygienically. In our modern lifestyle PVC pipes are a better technical solution.

uPVC pipes are used in all-important applications such as; high quality electrical conduits for electric wiring systems, soil waste for residential and multi-story buildings (above/under ground).

Arabian Polymer uPVC Pipes are produced in sizes and thickness suitable for all working situations. Our products are sold in local markets and neighboring gulf countries. Having a successful management style Arabian Polymer Pipes is committed to high quality and environmentally friendly products and therefore should be your choice.


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