PVC Electrical Conduits

As a non-conductor of electricity, Arabian Polymer Pipes PVC (RIGID) NON-INFLAMMABLE pipe has become a leader in the field of electrical conduits.

A wide range of PVC (RIGID) NON-INFLAMABLE fittings and accessories are also available according to ISO 9001.

Arabian Polymer Pipes is manufacturing rigid pipe compound by dry blends of additives and chemicals like stabilizers, lubricants, processing aids and impact modifier etc. which makes pure (PVC rigid pipe grade) material according to the best standards of the world. As you know that a number of manufacturers in our country are making poor quality PVC pipes and using plasticizers like DOP etc. to reduce the cost by adding fillers like chalk and clay which makes the so called PVC pipe brittle and soft. They claim that their pipes are PVC (unplasticized PVC) which is very unfair and wrong, whereas Arabian Polymer Pipes is maintaining the quality and producing pipes.